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Zantedeschia (callas)

The callas, calla lilies or cartridges (Zantedeschia) is a sort of 28 species of herbaceous plants inside Araceae family, original from South África.

The Zantedeschia is a herbaceous rhizome reaching between 1 and 2,5 meters in height with leaves with 15-45 cm length. The inflorescence is white, yellow or pink.

The name of the genus was giving for the name of a German botanist Kurt Sprengel (1766-1833) after the Italian botanist Giovanni Zantedeschi (1773-1846), but the truth is that this plant is knowing around the world under the name of calla, in Greek “kalos”, which means beautiful.

Semilleros Laimund has these different varieties: Aethiopica and Caesar.
Height Type ∅ Units carry
50 cm M-17 120
60 cm M-20 63