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Conventional culture

The kind of substrate is a mix of blond peat, black peat, coco fibre and perlite.In this mix the eigth mainly crops of our area (tomato, pepper, squash, cucumber, eggplant, melon, watermelon and bean) was sown in the different trays formatsAll trays contain a single use plastic cover in order to maintain hygiene. If the seedling was grafted trays used are disposable.

We are specialized in tomato BIG PLANT, plants with 40 cm of height, 2 stems, 2 buffers and, if the customer desires it, it may include one inflorescence. Trays of 24, 54 and 70 cells.

Ratio trays
40 alveoli
54 alveoli
70 alveoli
96 alveoli
150 alveoli
247 alveoli
272 alveoli (Flexible tray)